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    Hello, I noticed the documentation link for Quasi Movement is not working...

    Hello, I noticed the documentation link for Quasi Movement is not working ( ) is there any chance you have that information around still? I'm struggling to get the plugin running without it, thanks for your time.
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    Requesting plugin help with "Quasi movement"

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide some help with the older plugin "Quasi_Movement" it is a collision mapping plugin that has lost its support and even its instructions page. you can view the plugin here I'm just trying to get the collision mapping part of it working but I've...
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    Random teleportation event help

    Hello, I have been fiddling with some random event guides and while I've gotten a few to work They don't really accomplish what I'm needing. What im trying to do is this. You are on map A and you touch a teleportation tile that tile has a 60% chance of sending you to map B a 30% chance of...
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    Video speed

    the only solution I've found is to make the animation at 60fps then before exporting i change it to 20fps. then in game the frames seem to run at what was the intended speed just because it goes so fast.
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    Video speed

    I've been making animations for my game and uploading some of them as .OGV videos but when they play in game it seems to be at 2x speed. I've done tests with videos created at 20,30 and 60fps. they all have the same problem. The game runs at 60fps when launched according to Fraps. Any input...

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