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  1. Does anyone have the Pretty Gauges JS plugin ?

    Pretty Sleek Gauges is a plugin that evolves from Prettier Gauges and is more compatible and more feature-rich You might want to check this one out
  2. How to use multiple fonts in menus

    I want to use different fonts for displaying different information, for instance, I want the HP, MP, TP, EXP texts and values to use a different font than default. PS. I'm using Yanfly's Load Custom Fonts to change the default font.

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"Humble Bundle Sound Designer Bundle" just noticed this with a day left. Useful for those of you who want to mix your own music. :LZSwink:
Lots of artists very active right now :)
I'll try all of my gestures.

This Is Vasily. I like him very much
If any composer here would like me to use their music as background on my plugin videos, just let me know.

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