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  1. Screen Size Issue

    Hi! No, I bought it directly from RPG Maker! And I'm currently on a 3840x2160--the pop-up windows seem to be the only issue, though, as I can playtest just fine!
  2. Screen Size Issue

    Hello all! This is most likely a VERY easy question to answer, but I've been dealing with this since I first bought MV... When opening settings or Character Generator, the screen appears huge. As you can tell from the screenshot below, it's bleeding on the top AND bottom. I've tried ALT+spacebar...
  3. Item to Summon/Dismiss Party Member

    Hello everyone! For my game, I'm hoping to add in an item that a player can use during a battle, which summons a party member that they've met previously in the game. This is all working perfectly. However, one the battle is over, I'd like that summoned party member to disappear. Once the item...
  4. Stop Player from Moving During Event

    I'm always concerned about plugins, so I have none active. Attached is also an event-- (I recreated the event as "same as character" as well, and it has the same issue)
  5. Stop Player from Moving During Event

    Hello all! After 6 times of starting my game over, I've decided it's about time to see what's going wrong. When I start building my game, everything works fine. However, eventually a bug will come up for no apparent reason. Whenever I trigger an event, whether it's autorun, parallel, event...
  6. Elevation

    Shoot, I did. Sorry about that! And I certainly will try that. Thank you for all the responses!
  7. Elevation

    Hi all! Just a quick question to prose-- Is there a way to elevate a floor? I'm attaching a picture. The floor is not elevated, so I can walk around the whole image, despite using the stairs or not. Is there a way to make it look elevated, as well as not allow me to walk around the top rather...
  8. whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Is there something special I need to use the giant Spider sprites? They're the only giant sprites the game doesn't recognize as a single Sprite :p Love the animals, though! An RPG game isn't complete without animal sprites :p
  9. NPC Walk Through Door

    Hello all! This is probably the simplest thing to do in RPG Maker MV, but it's the only thing I can't figure out how to do. My NPC is in the middle of a room on Autorun. When my MC walks into the room, the NPC talks. After this happens, I want my NPC to walk up, open the door, and walk through...

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