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    RMMZ [Suggestion] Toolbar buttons for layer selection

    This would be a godsend. Even hotkeys would be nice.
  2. BrownBread

    What to do before you make your RPG

    Thanks for the tips. I've never managed to make a complete game because of the scope being too big.
  3. BrownBread

    How to make Elderly people with the Character Generator?

    I would pay for an old people resource pack! 'Wrinkle Pack!'
  4. BrownBread

    RPG Maker MV/MZ Templates and Guideline

    Thank you. =) This will make life so much easier.
  5. BrownBread

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    These are awesome, thank you =)
  6. BrownBread

    How to make Elderly people with the Character Generator?

    Noticed I couldn't really make any older/Elderly people with the new character generator, although it is pretty awesome.  Wonder if anyone had any tips?
  7. BrownBread

    Using VX ACE Resource packs in MV

    phew I was about to ask the same thing.

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