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  1. Adding battler shadows (depth issue)

    Hi! I'm trying to add shadows to enemy battlers. While the shadow loads and works ok, it's displayed on top of the battler - and I want it behind the main sprite. I have this code: var _Sprite_Enemy_initMembers = Sprite_Enemy.prototype.initMembers; Sprite_Enemy.prototype.initMembers =...
  2. Reference basic attack formula / Combine skills

    Thank you for the prompt reply. 1. What would be the best way to store skill formulas? Is there a plugin that does that already? (And no, this is not about lazyness, it's about efficiency and consistency). 2. Not sure if I follow 100% but that sounds messy and hard to maintain...
  3. Reference basic attack formula / Combine skills

    Hello! I want to know if there is way to reference the effects of a given skill -- in this case, skill #1. I find myself copy-pasting it way too often, when I try to create variations of it. They often look similar to addState(x); (copied attack formula) * 0.5 Not modular. Not cool. I bet...
  4. Enemy Rows that disable targeting / Untargetable state

    Do you mind being a bit more specific? I read through them again and I can't seem to find how to achieve what I want. Specially when it comes to handling auto-removing targetting restrictions when the front row is dead. I also found this script that sorta does what I want (and in a single script...
  5. Enemy Rows that disable targeting / Untargetable state

    Hello! I need a plugin that allows for two rows of enemies front and back. Enemies in the back row can't be selected as long as there are enemies in the front row -- except by actions that target all enemies. I don't need actor rows. In short, I need to create an untargetable state for...
  6. Display less equip slots

    @Restart: the first slots are regular equips (weapon, armor, etc), the last ones are for skill-equips like spellbooks and such -- therefore they go into their own menu. @Poryg: Thank you very much! Checking the array length did the trick; I knew I was something obvious. I didn't have too much...
  7. Display less equip slots

    Hi! By default, a equipment slot window is mapped 1:1 with the database slots -- but I need a window that contains only slots 3+. Displaying a shorter list (say, slots 1-3) is easy, but I need it to skip a few slots and only display slots 3 to equipSlots().length I couldn't find exactly...
  8. Slow down dashing (x2) movement speed

    I'm interested in this too. It seems like most solutions (like the mentioned SpeedManager or the previous post) only work well with integers. Trying different speed settings other than the default ones creates wonky effects like moving twice as fast when going right. Perhaps it's an engine...
  9. Help creating equip window in skill menu

    Hello! I'm having trouble trying to change how the menus work. I want to add a "Learn" option to the skill scene that would allow me to equip spellbooks containing skills. When you enter the skill scene, skills can be selected and used as usually; but if you select the "learn" option the...
  10. Skills as consumable items (equip spells like FF3)

    Thanks for your input. There's lots of equip-skill plugins out there (for example Moogle_X's) and as far as I know, what I'm requesting doesn't exist yet :headshake:
  11. Skills as consumable items (equip spells like FF3)

    Hello! I'd like to implement a simple mechanic that needs a plugin. The idea is that you acquire skills as items. Consuming the item makes an actor learn a skill. Erasing the learned skill puts the item back in the inventory -- so it can be sold, stored, or used on another actor. What I need...
  12. Remove troops from map encounters

    Hello! By default, the troop encounters you specify in map properties are repeated over and over. I need a simple plugin that erases troops from the map encounter list when the party fights it. The idea is that the party will have a limited set of encounters in any given map, fighting once...
  13. Gain EXP on defeat

    This is awful, a mechanic poorly adapted from D&D into digital games. You'd be both punishing the game for losing (the usual game over setbacks) and also stalling the game progress (since now you have to catch up with the level you had: grind time). If a game does this to me I'd stop playing...
  14. Gain EXP on defeat

    This is why I mention rewarding/punishing. Yes, you could just run in circles and die again and again on purpose. Start again from the town, rinse and repeat. But note that every time you die, you win EXP therefore it takes longer both to level up AND die on purpose! The idea is to avoid being...
  15. Enemy discovery and scaling

    @Restart: Thank you, that put me in the right track. @Kes: Actually I intended this to be a plugin request -- I can muster up some code but I wanted to see it properly implemented by someone who knows what they are doing. But since we're in this board... I managed to implement the mechanic, but...

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