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    NEW UPDATE! -fixed balance issues (i hope) -new enemy variants -fixed some bugs that would cause the player to be locked out of areas -added some warnings about entering certain places underprepared -removed the ability for confusion to attack friendlies (i think it causes the game to crash...
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    how da heck do i change my pfp

    how da heck do i change my pfp
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    FRIENDS is a game concept ive been working on for about 2 years now, and just finally got a working playable build out, its only the first part, basically the prologue. what i have so far takes around an hour to complete, so its almost a "full" experience, but i plan on adding a whole lot more...

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Made a Mapping Tutorial on Adding Lighting/Shadows using Tileset

Currently working on a playlist of songs that have inspired my work on revamping Battle Castle, and making sure they flow decently from one to the next. I will be posting it whenever I upload my next demo.
This is the first song in the playlist.
Artists out there, is there something RPG maker related you wish your graphics software had but doesn't? (Something like automatically transform a wall tile into a cylindrical tower). I want to give a boost to WecTools, but I'm dry of ideas right now...

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