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  • Quickly realized that the RPGM MV community needs artists more than scripters in a desperate way....
    Was extremely excited to learn JS and make my place in the RPG Maker MV community. Now feeling completely overwhelmed. So much to do, not sure where to start!
    right over the beginning. :p i hear ya, it can be a bit overwhelming, but archeia had a sweet post about this somewhere...
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Apparently MZ lets you preview move routes in the move route editor without having to start up test game. That could save a lot of time during development compared to MV, especially for a long game that uses a lot of event movement for cutscenes.
A repost of an old meme I had made, now with music

I have a really hard time keeping all these goodies secret til December... but I swear, it is worth the wait!
Working on a Premium version of my minimap plugin that will have advanced functionalities such as drawing a Terrain map based completely on the users tilesets, whatever they may be, and drawing minimap radar icons automatically based on texture of the event the note is applied to.

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