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  • Aand i am back. Due to lots and lots and lots of trouble, I havent been happy enough to make games, my motivation was too low. I will try now again, but i will probably do it slowly. I missed the forum. Merry christmas everyone. ^^
    Geoff Moore
    Geoff Moore
    Merry Christmas to you! Take your time, relax, and the game making will add to your motivation. :)
    nio kasgami
    nio kasgami
    ho I remember you little bubble xD yep this a long time we not see you!
    Hehe thanks you two! Long time no see :D
    ho how going your game little bubble ;w;?
    It is a problem with compressing, music files in japanese and when i change name on them its weird in the game ><
    I am now making last level for my game. For not being familiar with programming, and that i used hours to tech myself, id say i worked hard. The question is if people will like it.. At all.. Well!
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Why is it so hard to accept existential stoicism? To insist stoics must be deterministic is like insisting God couldnt create evolving animals. Drop the dogmas and concider the compatible mechanics
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A boss that spams confuse, blind, silence, oil and slow on all party members? Good idea FF12 *headdesk*

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