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  1. Galv's Character Animations

    So I figured out that in some way or fashion Visustellas Events Move Core is conflicting with this plugin. It only works when I turn Events move core plugin off. Not sure why.
  2. Galv's Character Animations

    This is the character sheet I am using. I have it set as 8 frame %(8) for some reason it will not work properly i have tried it with and without the $. I have also split it up into 3 separate sheets. No luck
  3. Galv's Character Animations

    I don't understand how this works. I made a complete character sheet with i/w/d but I could not use that because the sheet just goes through all the animations when I start the game. I tried using separate idle walk run sheets for each of the 3 characters but it's stuck in idle. I have no idea...

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