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    I can't purchase RPG Maker cause Royal Bank of Canada isn't supported.

    Don't push so hard about credit cards. Some people have issues where they hate credit, or can't do credit. I myself do not use credit cards. I manage to get accepted most places though. Ask your bank if they have a (repeat this) "Visa check card" Most banks now have something like this. It...
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    Character won't move and every other event disappears

    Code freezes the game for several reasons besides just autorun. Since you're not showing any code (PrintScreen is your friend), I will just give you general advice. 1. You say "nothing is on auto-run after the event" this implies that you have a still on autorun. Lemme guess, it's triggered by...
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    RMMV Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella

    Yeah, I was basically calling people out for being "sorry for your loss" generic sympathies for Muffle losing her house. And I was like "do something to help her already" and got accused of being insensitive. But the truth was I was already supposed to be banned for that voting thread, and it...
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    Replacing Zelda and Pokemon 2k3 spritesets

    A few. But I wiped most of my pokemon and zelda stuff yesterday, so it's mainly a matter of me hunting down what I'm missing. Because I didn't use much of what I had, some of this can be condensed down. I figure maybe five sheets at most. I think there were twenty or thirty, but that's all what...
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    Replacing Zelda and Pokemon 2k3 spritesets

    Yeah sorry about that, I thought that I posted in the right spot but didn't notice the subforum. A replacement, not as in "I lost them, give me a replacement." As in, "I want to offload these and have a spriter help me make something instead, since I don't do well drawing from scratch."
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    Replacing Zelda and Pokemon 2k3 spritesets

    I've got old Zelda and Pokemon stuff, but then the makers of both kinda put a cease and desist on these. The problem is, some of my game stuff already has stuff with the spritesheets. I want to try to get a replacement of the general concept of these things. Can someone make one or show me to...
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    Are rpg makers legal?

    Ah. Well, anyway. I did purchase the official RM2k3 software, but ultimately did not use the official version. Because modding. I figure the grey/black area is on me, not the person downloading however.
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    what do "Dark" and "Holy" elements represent in your game?

    My game has Taoist elements, so Dark and Holy are not considered "good" or "evil" they're just resonances of positive and negative energy. The RpgMaker doesn't make it easy to do this, though, as like half the dark element stuff has either skulls or demon face stuff.
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    Are rpg makers legal?

    There's an interesting legal case for you to read. Type in "Nintendo vs Game Genie court case". The long and short of it is Game Genie produced a game cheat system that modded strings of code (I've used game genie, but I honestly can't tell you how it works) on Nintendo games. Nintendo sued...
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    Hey there

    Oh okay. Thanks for telling this. I was despairing of ever being able to post.
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    Hey there

    My names bulmabriefs144. I seem to be "awaiting moderation" for every post I do though, so unless I start seeing some posts actually be approved, I'm sure how long I'll hang around. Is it always this bad? Also, hi everyone!
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    RMMV Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella

    Oh hey, Starmage! I'm here right now on account of getting booted from

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