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    how to show picture in front of message box?

    @Andar omg, i cant believed i didn't even think of that. i feel like such a dummy. thank you so much for your help! edit : now I have a new problem, if i make the windows transparent, the menu becomes transparent as well xD
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    how to show picture in front of message box?

    @Sauteed_Onion thank you for the complement! i'm sorry i guess i wasn't clear enough. this is what i meant when Galv's plugin is tied to the message box size: the effect i wanted to get was this (but with the window behind the picture) : a few characters have larger pictures than others...
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    how to show picture in front of message box?

    hello, i'm sorry this is kind of a dumb question. how do i show pictures in front of message boxes? i tried using Galv's message busts along with Yanfly's message core, but the bust's position is locked to the size of the message, causing some problems. so i decided to use pictures instead, but...
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    How hard of games do you prefer

    For me, I usually like having a fair challenge. If it's an action game, I like the Soulsborne school of game design. They're very challenging games that force you to be more considerate of your actions. If you just charge in and button mash without thinking, then you're gonna get your ass...
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    Importance of OST

    I think music and sound can be very important to setting the mood of the game. For example, Undertale uses the music in a way that really tugs on the heartstrings. When I'm in Toriel's house, the music gives me a real sense of nostalgia and warmth, but also awkwardness and bittersweet. You can...
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    Naming the Protagonist

    For me, it depends on the game. For heavily story driven games, I will always stick to the default names or whatever the community agreed upon name is. Usually protagonists in these types of games tend to have their own kind of personality, even if it's only conveyed through dialogue options...
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    Too much usless dialouge?

    Ah I'm sorry. I wanted to use my game as an example how I wrote observational text and whether or not it's detrimental to the player experience. I would like to become a boarder topic. Well I guess the real question is, what would be considered good observational text or how should it be...
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    Too much usless dialouge?

    Edit : New question : what would be considered good observational text or how should it be handled to enrich the player's experience? Like whenever your character is observing an object or a scene they can't interact with, like two people having an argument at a fruit stand.
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    Ideas for "Death"

    Hmm . . . well in my universe I have two death gods. The first one is called The Great Forest King Naga. As his name implies, he is a white tailed naga and his forest is where spirits would rest. The second one is his spouse named Moose. He was a young child who wandered into the forest in...
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    What Type of Games are you Working on?

    I know this sounds real original, but I'm working on a horror game where a bunch of teenagers get stuck in a haunted school, haha. Although it's not the main focus, the main 5 characters are all LGBT+ and some of the side characters are as well. I know it probably sounds like a political...
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    Describe what your first game was like.

    My first game was on VX Ace. It was never finished, but I'm pretty surprised how far I got. There were roughly 10 maps. Over world, three towns, a dungeon, some shops and a handful of houses. I was most proud of my little port city. It was surrounded by water with nice little canals running...
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    The Old Map Size Question

    To me, it depends on what kind of city it is. If it's a city that's cluttered and overly detailed with no distinct areas/districts, then I prefer to have the map broken up. Having the city in chunks make's it easier for me to remember where everything should be. When I enter one chunk, I know...
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    Opinions on How to Start Off a Game.

    I guess I'm a bit more boring, haha. I like to start the game with a short cut scene, just enough to get a feel for the characters and their interactions with each other as well as a bit of backstory. I don't start in medias res, but just before the big event is about to happen. For example...
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    Thoughts on differing art styles between actor and enemy battlers

    I prefer games to have a consistent style, however I'm lenient if the game creator does not have the skills or resources to make art for their game. I feel it's too jarring if I see pixel chibis fighting painted scary monsters side by side. If the battle takes place in first person with only...
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    Showing vs Telling

    @Lynks Honestly I don't mind the whole "many years later" splash screen. It doesn't take me out of the experience. Hell, one of my favorite ps3 games, Neir, has a "1,312 Years Later" splash screen after the beginning cut scene and intro battle. If you don't want to tell the player, you can...

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