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  1. Enemy AI Help

    I apologize for posting this in the wrong section. This is the link to the plugin: I have also attached the screenshots as well as well. For reference, the Boss is named Anubis and only has 50 max hp. The other two monsters have 100...
  2. Enemy AI Help

    I am trying to create a tutorial battle for a demo and am having trouble with the enemy actions. The setup of the battle is two monsters and a boss fighting against one party member. Stage 1 the two monsters casts buffs on the buffs on the boss during the first turn which make him...
  3. Sideview Battler Position

    Could still use help with these settings if anyone is willing to assist. A link to each of the plugins mentioned above: Battle core plugin Party System plugin Row formation...
  4. Sideview Battler Position

    So for my game I intend to have the max number of characters to be nine. One of my characters is a summoner of sorts and can bring up to 4 weapons to assist in battle. My issue is when I do this, the group of characters appear much too high on the screen in the side view battles. I would like to...
  5. States that don't stack

    Thank so much for the help! I feel like an idiot for missing that, it totally cleared up my problem with a lot less work than I thought it would take. Everything has been running pretty well so far with no issues. 
  6. States that don't stack

    I'm looking to create a set of skills that add states(buffs) for a character in my game, but I don't want these states to be able to be active together. Example: Adding a fire buff state to Actor 1 should prevent them from being able to add a water buff state. Ideally, you would have to...

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