I am really inspired by the potential in others. I appreciate diversity... the little things that make people different. I appreciate what some call "flaws"... ...which I call "perfections" in others.

I am an avid lover of vintage style RPG and ActionRPG games. Overall lifetime favorites include: Zelda-LTTP, FF6, FF4, FF7, FF9, Breath of Fire, Crono-Trigger, The Dragon Warrior Series (for you youngsters, Dragon Warrior is NES... and was a huge turning point for turn-based RPG), and the SNES game Arcana... which I feel doesn't get enough love.

My strengths are:
Complex Event-based game mechanics and mathematics
Skill Diversity
Graphical Editing

I'm Okay at:
Storyline Development
Character Development
Original Conceptualization

I'm weak at:
Sound Development and Editing
Scripting (I wish I could script)

I have love for all of humanity. Every race, every culture, every age-group. I am pro-LGBT community value... but in a friendly way... NOT in a militant way.

I live in St. Louis Missouri, USA (for you in other lands, St. Louis = "The Exact Middle of Nowhere"-USA).

If I could live someplace else... it would be New Orleans, Louisiana USA... that place is too awesome for wordz.

I'm ALWAYZ up for communication... contact me! Until then, much love!!! BC
Jan 15, 1980 (Age: 40)
Saint Louis MO, USA
First Language
Primarily Uses



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DoubleXP wrote on Tonbi's profile.
Hello Wondering if you take commissions?
I should make an page one of these days...Maybe for my next large update.
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Another demo of the dynamic cloud cover system, this time complete with the original soundtrack composition (which sounds even goofier at this 2x playback speed). Much left to tweak but I like it so far.
And now, some custom emotions to give the character life... :kaoslp:

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