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    Event RPG Maker 28th Birthday : Release Something Event

    Happy Birthday RPG Maker. I'll contribute. :cool:
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    Esz's African inspiration tiles & others

    I am late in discovering this it seems... The world has kept me very busy and until now, I have never dedicated any real energy toward MV... ....none the less, I feel it is important to insert my opinion: These are magnificent! Thank you for creating these stellar resources. For many of...
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    March Goals & Progress Thread

    Either can work... but I think I enjoy Locked in classes. FF6 comes to mind. That was a sort of combination since espers could basically turn everyone into a mage. But if you wanted to be able to steal, you needed Locke. If you were a fan of the Runic Blade, you needed Celes. If you fancy...
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    In my opinion, to truly forgive also entails forgeting... so yes. There is an old saying I...

    In my opinion, to truly forgive also entails forgeting... so yes. There is an old saying I heard family members use that says "Forgive but never forget..." is that actually forgiving???
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    Question about battles.

    As a user of several RPG Maker engines... I can say if you want to create an on-screen battle system... it certainly can be done. However, since the default "Battle Mode" means moving to a turn-based battle scene, what you are asking about is the creation of a "custom battle mode". It most...
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    Anyone else ever consider becoming an industry patron?

    I admit it feels strange to be able to say that. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way wealthy... but compared to many prior eras in my life, I am coming to terms with the truth that I am actually moving in the right direction (a hard thing actually for a person to pat themselves on the back...
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    Changing auto BGM after switch

    I actually am fascinated with Kyoku's idea... I have yet to try something like that. In fact, Kyoku's post has me thinking of all kinds of possibilities involving parallel processing that would be fun to try. :smile: Depending on the game you are making, I have one consideration that I have...
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    Exploration mechanic in a stealth game

    I love anything that involves something new or unusual in the world of game mechanics. I think the foraging skill is an interesting idea worthy of trying. For anything innovative... I recommend small-scale beta-testing. Have others sample the mechanics of game play and pay close attention to...
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    Save Spot or Save from Menu?

    I'm fascinated by how evenly split the community is on this subject. :rolleyes: I am in firm agreement with rpgdreamer: I do think there are exceptions, sure... but for the style of game play entertainment I seek - save points are the way to go for the exact reason mentioned above. Save...
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    Ever Feel Self-Conscious about Your Game?

    This is an interesting subject... that I feel very strongly about. It is okay to feel self-conscious about your game... but it should ONLY apply to yourself. When you create a game, you are in essence creating a world... and that is YOUR world. :D The main reason many of us get into this...
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    I'd pay money hand over fist for a strategy RPG version of RPG Maker, would you?

    Like HexMozart, I am a huge fan of Ace... still... and will be for a long time. I find the event system intuitive, and have learned how to manipulate that system along to do some incredible things including some strategy works. However... As a person who owns all of the american release RPG...
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    How many skills...

    I firmly agree. :) Actually... this is one of the instances where the developer's opinion is the only one that matters (something to savor and enjoy!). But I whole-heartedly agree with Andar... it has to make the overall game play experience GOOD. It has been my observation that any...
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    Anyone else ever consider becoming an industry patron?

    Lately, I have finally been getting a grip on life (it has taken all 37 years to start to master things like: work, bills, stress, etc.) But now, having mastered a schedule that allows me to return to the gaming world in pursuit of my childhood hobby, I find myself paying closer attention to...
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    Voice Over for RPG game. Good or bad?

    I have contemplated inserting some kind of voice action into a project... but honestly, if I did it - it would be to accomplish something small and funny that would probably never go beyond private use... ...something to say: I tried it. But I go with much of the market on this one... which...
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    Having mastered work life... I am returning to the video game development scene with a since of...

    Having mastered work life... I am returning to the video game development scene with a since of ambition that feels new to me. B)

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