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  • Finally went ahead with your recommendations and picked up CC3+ with the City add on (shamelessly took advantage of the fall of the £ and saved 10 bucks). Loving it so far :) . Thanks again for the advice.
    oh inspiration and motivation, where have you gone? Just days ago, we were all so happy together... T_T
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If you're an artist of illustrations, you're doing fine.
If you're an artist of writing, you're doing fine.
If you're an artist of programming, you're doing fine.
But if you are all three above (and more) you cannot allow any distractions in your life.
Anyone had school furniture?
After working out some initial confusion, I managed to get Yanfly's Improved Battlebacks successfully working on a test battle, changing the battleback and getting it to scroll during combat. This means that I can have graphically dynamic battles on moving platforms, like the roof of a train or the deck of a ship/airship...
Place Events Like Tiles Through Replacement, & Take Notes Free Form | RPG Maker News #41

the singularity is upon us:

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