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  • Finally went ahead with your recommendations and picked up CC3+ with the City add on (shamelessly took advantage of the fall of the £ and saved 10 bucks). Loving it so far :) . Thanks again for the advice.
    oh inspiration and motivation, where have you gone? Just days ago, we were all so happy together... T_T
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So I cloned an event in MV today.
Just got two custom tracks for my game. Things are shaping up nicely. :)
Remember, life is sh*t. But it will difinitely be less sh*t in the future! Stay happy everyone ^^ ...*continues to die inside*
Why is it that every time I take a short break from here, we get a new moderator?
Stream will be going live early today as I will be working on some music before I transition to art! When I switch to art, I will be focusing on making a new stream avatar~ Feel free to drop by!

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