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  • Finally went ahead with your recommendations and picked up CC3+ with the City add on (shamelessly took advantage of the fall of the £ and saved 10 bucks). Loving it so far :) . Thanks again for the advice.
    oh inspiration and motivation, where have you gone? Just days ago, we were all so happy together... T_T
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I realized that I don't talk about my game's plot too much. not that I'm hiding stuff, I just don't know what I should tell people in general that would be important. I know more so what plot points NOT to tell.
Have any of you read Sutter Kane?
jaynightwolf wrote on GalacticGod's profile.
hello GALACTICGOD I loved your characters especially the super heroes, I am new to this rpg program and I would like to know if you have more characters from DC comics, be they villains or heroes
My winter pack is now free on itch.io!
Writing music for Utara Forest, a location in All the King's Men. Nothing evokes a mysterious, dreamy sound like solo clarinet and modulation!

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