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    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    this plugin is so great but I'm having a little troubles getting the text box to pop up above the head of spawned events after using event spawner. Basically with a 'phone call' I spawn an event (which will become actor 2). he approaches you asks to follow you & you can either accept or reject...
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    RPG Maker MZ 1.2.1 Update

    macOS Mojave MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 has been crashing non-stop. since these last couple updates. didn't crash before but my copy of MV was crashing after a few previous updates. is this a steam issue or what? super frustrating having to re-do a bunch of...
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    yep, got that working great. now just wondering with the call function.. can you have that set to not just actors that are currently in your party? so you can call party members & maybe have them spawn near you, then join your party. is this possible? so far I'm loving the phone, since...
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    absolutely awesome! any way to run a common event when you click on an icon? edit: ok sorry I got it! $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent(n);
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    mlogan's POP! style stuff

    oh heyyy, I just found them. thanks :cutesmile:
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    mlogan's POP! style stuff

    Car sprites! I need ambulances, police, vans, Utes, small trucks & a small variety of other cars. On character sheets so they can be used as moving traffic on the roads. Is this possible?
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    How to check location of an event.

    this image right here, saved me. thank you,. I have 8 events (cars) running off this running on a large size map, runs smoothly.
  8. cabanas_ds

    Eli Button Common Events - Assign/bind common events to your keyboard keys!

    I found when you have the menu disabled the X key becomes unassignable to anything else after that but I've learnt to change the main menu to work how I want it now so it's not really a problem.
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    Theo - Region Passability Rules

    will check this out tomorrow. was looking for an alternative to yanfly & this looks perfect! edit: tested this plugin, works great, easy to set up & use. doesn't conflict with any of my other plugins. 10/10.
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    RMMZ please delete thread

    edit: solved
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    Eli Button Common Events - Assign/bind common events to your keyboard keys!

    I'm using this now & it works great. I just wish you could disable the menu so you could make your own using the X (Y) Key. I hate the default menu.
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    [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    this seemed to do it. yeah I basically only want one follower at a time. I have it so you can turn around and talk to the follower using a common event. thru that common event I'd like to be able to have JABS enabled ect & a few other options. only trouble is when JABS is enabled you Slash...
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    [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    EDIT: is there also a way to set either a switch or a common event when you kill an NPC? I need this for my 5 star police chase system.
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    [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    I'm just about to run off to bed but I'll get that info for you in the morning for sure! it's probably in the documentation & since I'm about to bail to bed I thought I'd quickly just ask here. what is 'Tool & Dodge'. working with MZ3d I have set the trigger buttons to rotate 90 degrees &...
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    [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    I've also noticed it doesn't like in text boxes or question boxes when you use \n[1] or \n[2] for the actor names. it makes the game crash:( super sad because I have the ability to change all my Ninjas names when you meet them, now you can't interact with them at all without it crashing if...

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