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    The cover for my game Bleeding Moons, drawn by @Hirei It's an adventure game mixed with Visual Novel elements.
    • bleedingmoon_webpreview.png
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    have a coffee for a bad day they said
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    I agree at 99.9%.
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    Sue your school!
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    With the PS5 coming in 8 months?
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    @cabfe You're right, I think it looks much better not trying something like putting the windows on the entrance. :) I wanted to see if...
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    @Endellion A couple things that come to mind: I'd shorten the carpet to avoid the non-rectangular shape. Also, the two windows right...
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    The latter.
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    Same, but I also know that many people consider the lack of achivements/cards deal breakers. I doubt they care about the game, to be...
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    Am I the minority who don't care about steam achievements, trading cards, steam level, and adding friends in steam? They just seems...
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    I'm so thirsty... I wanna get up and get a drink... but my cat, shes been asleep on my lap for like an hour now. I dont wanna wake her T-T
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    What kind of game? What genre, platform, etc.
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    Well, the Danganronpa games are the biggest disappointment I've had playing mystery games. I've never had so much BS shoveled down my...

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