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    RM2k/3 Log.[in]

    Thank you so much for playing! here's a walkthrough some nice lad made in case you ever wanna give it a try again.
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    RPG 2000/2003 Free Resource

    This is portuguese btw.
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    RM2k/3 Log.[in] I have written a walkthrough for the game.
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    RM2k/3 Log.[in]

    Thanks a lot. I hope you all enjoy playing my first game.
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    RM2k/3 Log.[in]

    Take control of Amari, a girl in possession of a strange device that allows her to explore a world known as the "Enhanced Reality". A world where every corner of the human mind takes shape. What is the true purpose of this world? The main goal is to collect all the 12 "Effects" in the "Enhanced...
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    Hello, I have come to make games and disappoint y'all

    Figured I should make an introductory thread cause most people do so anyway. Name's Cachi, 19 years old, I'm from mexico, aspiring vidya dev. For some reasons I had to skip a year of college so I told myself "hey, you lazy ass, why dont you start doing something productive in the meantime"...
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    I hope my games arent as ****ty as my art.

    I hope my games arent as ****ty as my art.

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