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  1. Support with more frames in battle RPG Maker MZ

    Hi! This is on RPG Maker MZ. I noticed that some battle sprites like this one from Vibrato -> , in the waiting animation has 6 frames in total, but the top 3 are the same as the bottom 3, is it possible to make a character have 6 frames in his waiting animation? changing here for example -> or...
  2. RMMZ I'm having more trouble with Dragonbones (Union) than I realized

    I'm on the same boat, but with another error, they lauched this plugin with a lot of problems about compatibility!
  3. Different tiles for MZ

    Hello guys! I would like to know if some one is creating new/different tiles for RPG Maker MZ, like Celianna's pack? Link: I tried to use this pack on RPG Maker MZ, but this pack was powered for VXACE, so the tiles do not have the...

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