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I always try to speak proper English, but not so proper that I sound stuck up, so yes, I do curse from time to time. I am a very creative person, loves to tell a good story, tries to be as positive as I can, but sometimes, I am a bit down. You see, I am a tad bit realistic. I am very opinionated, but for the most part, I do like to keep my opinions to myself, unless I start a topic where I want to discuss something. I love cartoons, video games and certain types of music that I got from my Dad (RIP). I love to cook, bake and take care of the dogs that live in this house.

I love Star Trek, used to love Star Wars (I love the originals, though) and I created my own universe in which I have been using creatively for quite a while now. I am in the midst of coming up with my own website, so even if you disagree with me from time to time, always remember one thing about me.

I always say what I think and feel, no hidden views or opinions. My opinions are based on logic and reasons, so if you want to discuss things with me, keep that in mind. The following reasons will not work, emotional, well that's the ways it's always been, or reasons that I feel are completely illogical. You should use the following method, "Yeah, I see your point, but have you ever considered X point?" Or your version of it. I demand that my opinions are 'RESPECTED', even if you don't agree with them, because I will respect your opinions, even if I do not agree with them.

I love to have discussions about games, politics (which will NOT be discussed on this forum), anything with story in it, stories in general or even game mechanics. I am always willing to give a helping hand with story, do an art trade or just do graphics to let anyone use them. ( =^.^= )

November 22
The land of dream and mist
About Me
I am a very creative person, artistic, but I love to tell a good story.
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Fantasy, Science Fiction, Cooking, animals, comics, anime, mythology and video games.




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