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  • ...So if I define a function in a plugin, I should be able to access that function in an event script, right?
    Depends on how you setup the script. Generally, you wouldn't want to just define a function in global space, where it would be easily accessible.
    The functions are a pair of object prototypes that are going to be getting used frequently in event scripts; I've managed to get it working as intended.
    It may not be following best practices, but since the goal here is just to get the thing working I'm not going to sweat it.
    What exactly distinguishes Profile posts vs. Conversations? And how do I get permission to post on the forum proper?
    Conversations are private messages between you and someone else; profile posts are public and are meant to be short and casual. You post an answer in an existing thread, or start a new thread, and it will go into the Moderation Queue for approval.
    The forums state that I don't have sufficient privileges to post/reply when I visit them; another thread stated that I had to have a couple of messages posted here, but that doesn't appear to be the case.
    Messages are posts in threads. You can post in the forums, but your first two will need to be approved. This is simply an anti-spam measure.
    Once I have the issue of MV's menu systems down, I get to move on to a custom combat engine.
    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    Good luck with that. I've been working on inventory management for over a month now, and have been stumped specifically with porting the custom functionality I want to the battle scene for half that time without much success.

    From what I've seen the battle scene really ups the complexity for plugin development, even when you are only touching a tiny portion of it (items specifically).
    My actual plan was to circumvent the regular battle system entirely; I want to do a turn-based strategy system, meaning that the only things I might need from the default battle system are things I can work out how to do myself.
    Hi, Everybody! Currently trying to work out how to add and populate items into a custom window in MV.
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My only regret is the portal mirror effect is too subtle to show up in these GIFs. It probably just needs more sparkles. :LZSwink:
Microsoft: Hey, let's waste money advertising the Xbox Series X when nobody has any in stock, we don't seem to be making more, we aren't taking preorders and you can't get on a waiting list. BEST. IDEA. EVER.
So I'm practicing ITC with a spirit box, and decide to try to contact my deceased soulmate. It actually gave me multiple identifiers. Me, still a bit skeptical, asked aloud "Fine but does he still love me?" and the box spoke and printed the word "Forever" at the same time. Been a mess of tears since. :kaocry:
Been scratching away at my game and making progress, but just had a revelation. I'm working in full screen and adjusting all my pictures accordingly, but will they resize if someone's screen is smaller?? I hope this doesn't turn out to be a problem later.

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