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    Working on some A4 Interior walls in my own style.

    Working on some A4 Interior walls in my own style.
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    Map Madness Tournament Top 8 Polls Open!

    Uh, that was tough to decide sometimes which way to vote. Lots of good entries.
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    Map Madness Qualifiers, Entry 1 Poll (Gabo)

    This was one of the maps I liked the most, because I found the theme very neat and new. Lots of details in this map. I feel the trailers could have used some individual touches.
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    Map Madness Qualifiers, Entry 24 Poll (Cythera)

    I liked the atmosphere of this map a lot. It immediately tells a story. Nice use of different elevations and the combination of wall and fence is great. I feel using different trees, maybe a bit taller, would have been better and enhanced the atmosphere even more. Also, the fence on the right...
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    Darn, I missed it, but I wish everyone best of luck!
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    Candacis' Resources for MV

    Nothing new, but I added the trees I did for the last ScareStaff.
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    Candacis' Resources for MZ

    Sure, as long as you credit me, edit them how you like. I also added the ritual tiles from the last ScareStaff.
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    Candacis' Resources for MZ

    Uhm, yeah, maybe. I'm not a huge fan of the MZ roof tiles. I would probably have to remake them first and then start with the process of making the pitched roof tiles. But you only have so much free time.
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    Avy's MZ Stuff

    The dragon turned out really well and I‘m glad you kept on working on it. You know my favorite: the pine trees. Very useful to me. What I wish to see more of, is the sci fi theme. I liked the doors and buttons you did for that. Now enjoy the quiet time after all that hard work. You deserve it!
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    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Yeah, winter is my favorite. I like the snow covered trees and nice details on the windows.
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    Avy's MZ Stuff

    What a great idea, I love it! Thanks for all the effort
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    Avy's MZ Stuff

    One of my favorites. The sideview stairs are great and will certainly find its way into my maps! I wish, I could map right now, but am away from my pc.
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    Avy's MZ Stuff

    I don‘t use battlebacks myself, but I can see and know the effort you put into it. I‘m sure some are really grateful for more battlebacks that work with the standard ones.
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    Avy's MZ Stuff

    That opening book animation is useful for all kind of things, with or without mimic. Really nice animations!
  15. Candacis

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    I think seasonal tiles can add so much to a world, so this is very nice to have! I would have liked the tree shading a bit more reddish and orange and less brown/green, but that might be personal preference

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Realized halfway through drawing this that the female protagonist's party is growing bigger. :guffaw:
oddly enough, at this point... 3 major things have kept me from porting my project to MZ... animations, and that's mainly because they don't match the artstyle of my game. and two... I NEED a YED Sideview Battler like plugin and I have yet to see one. 3rd, I don't have the money for all the stuff I need plugin wise. and I already have it on MV... lol
Generally speaking, would there be interest in some form of tutorial regarding general project management? I see there are a lot of indie/self-taught devs around here, and looking back i feel like there was a lack of resources on how to properly manage a project that might take several years to finish
I've been working on some ABS team A.I. for 'A New Suburbia', and thought I'd share.

I'm generally quite please although the AI is a little grenade heavy right now :rolleyes: - Sneaking and stalking next! Please excuse the terrible map... it was just for ease of viewing!
Voting for the second round of the Map Madness Tournament is now live! Vote for your favorite in each matchup!

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