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    IMPORTANT: Possible MV School Rework. Join the Conversation and express your opinion.

    Well, I don't know exactly what is needed to rework everything to fit option 2, but if I can, I'll help out. I have some more ideas for minigame lessions.
  2. Candacis

    How to set up a shell game

    Thanks so much for playtesting! I uploaded a new version where I tried to get those passability issues fixed and where I added a sentence about the ball movement. I have some ideas for more minigames, but now I'm waiting to see how this Janitor room can be integrated into the rest of the school.
  3. Candacis

    Thoughts on including Plugins: Message System

    I am for Yanfly's message plugin, too. The main reason, because it is the most commonly used, even for beginners.
  4. Candacis

    Add Controls explanation to the options menu

    Ah, now it works. I didn't see the sentence you quoted there. My bad. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. Candacis

    Clicking on an item should open a small command window

    So, I'm trying to incorporate something into the item menu, but I don't know where to start. Could someone help me out? I want, if you click an item (or press enter), that a small command window opens, like right next to the item. I want to incorporate maybe 4 commands in a vertical list, but...
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    Add Controls explanation to the options menu

    As I said, I tried it out in an empty project with no other plugins. Didn't display anything. I used the same parameters you used. No errors were displayed. I attached a screenshot.
  7. Candacis

    Add Controls explanation to the options menu

    Hey, I just tried it out, but I can't get the window to show up. Neither in an empty project nor in my own. What am I doing wrong?
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    MV Sprite+

    That's weird. I see the images just fine. I have no qualms with people sharing their edits for my templates in this thread, show screenshots and the likes. It helps all people out that want to use sprite+, but if it is a lot of pictures and you have a lot to share, it might be best to make your...
  9. Candacis

    Add Controls explanation to the options menu

    @Aloe Guvner Oh, thats fantastic, thank you! Yeah, something like the 2nd solution will work. Really useful. I will probably adjust the location of the window, so that it is right next to the options.
  10. Candacis

    MV Sprite+

    Ehh, I mean, I will separate the clothing and hair in MY own files :D
  11. Candacis

    MV Sprite+

    If I get the time, I will try and separate hair and clothing as single files.
  12. Candacis

    MV Sprite+

    Sorry, I have little to no time working on this. Feel free to use my templates for this project, but I can't help you out myself. @Rhino Woah, those look awsome! Thanks for sharing. I'm always happy, if people share their creations for my templates :)
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    Limited inventory/deposit with slots.

    That would be awesome to have.
  14. Candacis

    Add Controls explanation to the options menu

    So, I searched a lot for this specific feature and I found a few plugins that add aditional stuff to the options menu, but not one has worked for me. What I'm looking for is a plugin that lets you add options to the options menu. Said options wouldn't change anything (guess I shouldn't call...
  15. Candacis

    DreamX Options

    Sadly, I can't get this to work. It keeps getting me error messages, even before the game can start. Will this be updated for the newest MV version?

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