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  1. [Guide] Kill "x" amount of monsters quest w/ progress updates

    I know this probably isn't anything too impressive and I probably did this in a very messy and unprofessional way but considering I've been using the program for 12 hours, I'm impressed I figure out how to finally get it to work after hours of googling and searching forums. Any criticism or...

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My sister is a saint. Specifically Saint Peter. Because shes my best friend until other ppl are around then shes all "nope, dont know him, dont like him."
Making it a rule that I don't do any world building for my new game before the actual gameplay is concrete and working. I have 16 years of lore to work with anyway.
Cheesy power metal makes everything better. No matter what you do, you'll feel heroic doing it.
Starting to really like the first of my madness areas. I think the eyes looking at them really helps to sell the place. :LZSexcite:
Made idle animation for character. It first had only three frames but looked too different from walking animation and I had to draw five more.

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