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    Self Variables

    Is this like Iavra Self Variables script? I'm tempted to use yours for better compatibility with your other scripts. But can I access self variables from another map? Also, if I clone an event with EST's "Clone Transform Delete Event" script, would it clone the self variables, too? (I'll assume...
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    This looks beautiful. It's always refreshing to see a project with all original graphics and interfaces, especially when it looks this professional :) . Is this going to be a commercial game or "just for fun/practise"?
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    Bind Pictures To Map

    Is it possible to make your script compatible with this one?
  4. Capri

    Iavra Self Variables

    Just when I was about to post my screens XD /jk Thanks for fixing it so fast! :) Your script is awesome, btw.
  5. Capri

    Iavra Self Variables

    It doesn't seem to work with loaded games. (New game: Trigger event & do stuff with SelfVariables. Do happy dance, because it works! Save game. Exit. // Load Game. Trigger same event => "Type Error - undefined is not a function".) Any ideas?
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    "Simple Database" for MV - read/save external data

    I hope someone can port KilloZapit's RMVXA "Simple Database" script. The script reads data from external files and also saves changed values into saved games. Here's a simplified example how the original script can be used...
  7. Capri

    Analog Move

    Beautiful script, but unfortunately incompatible with Bodkaa's ScreenFit ;_; (another "cannot read property 'NaN' of undefined" error)

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