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    JK Mail System

    I'd like to point out an error. In the demo, when I tried to delete the first mail at the mailbox on the right, an error message popped up: "Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined"
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    HawkZombie's Twitchtastic Times with RPGMaker

    Hey, if you're accepting more games to play, would you like to try out Casia? It's a long open-world game and I love seeing other people's reactions on it and hearing honest feedback. :)
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    Hunger/thirst system

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    Hunger/thirst system

    Well, there would only be six party members at a time in my case, so there would be six hunger/thirst bars on the top of the screen. This script exists for XP, which is why I was wondering if it would exist for MV. Here's an example of what I mean:
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    Hunger/thirst system

    Any of the above really, though what I had in mind was small hunger and thirst bars at the top of the screen that could be adjusted. But having the information in the menu or status screen would also work
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    Hunger/thirst system

    The problem with the eventing option is that the game I'm thinking of has 20 characters, and all of them would need multiple variables to make the hunger system possible. And the MP and TP is used in battle, so I don't think that will do the trick either.
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    Hunger/thirst system

    I've been looking for this kind of a plugin online, and I'm really surprised that I couldn't find a single one for a hunger/thirst system. I'm not looking for anything complex, just a simple plugin that makes each character have hunger and thirst values that deplete over time (or on the basis of...
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    Live Stream Let's Plays!

    I created a Discord account and found the group. I'm not sure what to do next though.
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    Live Stream Let's Plays!

    How does that work exactly? I've never used discord before...
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    Live Stream Let's Plays!

    Hey, would you be interested in trying out my game, Casia? It's a really large open world game, so it takes quite some time to complete, but I would be happy to see you play even just a part of it. :) Not sure if I'll be able to watch during the livestream though.
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    Looking for games to LP!

    Hey, would you be interested in trying out my game, Casia? It's an open world game with a lot to do, and it would be great to have your reactions and thoughts on it. :)
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    Looking for games to Stream!

    Would you be interested in playing my game, Casia? It's a large open-world game, and it's always nice to see someone try it out. :)
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    YouTuber - Looking for games for an upcoming series!

    Would you be interested in playing my game, Casia? It's an open-world game with a lot to do. It was made with RPG Maker XP.
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    OwMeEye looking for stuff to let's play.

    Hey, are you still looking for more games to LP? If so, would you be interested in my game, Casia? It's a really long game since it's open world, but if you'd rather do a shorter one, I also have a prequel game to Casia, And We All Lost, which is only about one hour long and n require the other...
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    Thunder is indeed not an element, so it doesn't have a temple associated with it. I don't know which phase of the Barbara quest you're in, but after the initial encounter she kidnaps the Mayor and will eventually turn out in Vahiti, the island where Sister Lidy is found. You need to have talked...

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