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  • Figured I would start posting what I am working on here. Anyways, a quest system plugin I have been working on:

    What features would yall like to see in a quest system?
    @Jorgesias yes there is a reward and objectives section already implemented in the window, but can't fit everything on screen all at the same time :kaothx:
    I would like to see Quest Rewards be given automatically by the plugin instead of manually adding in items/money/equipment via event programming and being easy to make bulk amounts of quests, those are two things that I want in a Quest System. Sorry if that sounded demanding and I apologize for my terseness. Anyway that's a good lookin' quest system right there tho.
    Impressive ! After the encyclopedia system that's exactly what I miss and knowing that it is created by you I would be sure of the compatibility it's great, the visual is nice :thumbsup-left:
    Oh, and one cool visual feature could be a small pop-up that appears when the quest begins and when it ends.
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Just for the record you CAN use the "Exclude unused files" successfully to trim a project down seriously even if you're doing calls to various assets via plugins and such. BUT you need to do a full playtest of pretty much every option to ensure you did get every one of those other assets added in. Then I dumped the assets into a fresh copy of the project and yay it was like 400 Meg......
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If you've played Knight Shift Chapter 1 this image'll mean something to you. If not, that's also fine!
Here's a medical question for ya: Why do I start lightly coughing after I drink coffee?
Well, someone "reviewed" my game. Didn't credit me anywhere in the video and spent 2 minutes insulting it. Going to ignore that and move on.
To cut down on map lag, I've been researching how to implement a lighting layer as a single map overlay instead of a bunch of individual lights. Hopefully I'll have a screenshot soon!

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