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    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    Hey there! Thanks for reporting this, ill patch this soon as possible, i want you and everyone else to have the best minimap experience :)
  2. castiger

    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    You are welcome! I've not been able to reproduce this issue through testing. You will have to upload a miniproject representing the issue if possible because this is a very unique one and i'd like to resolve it for you, and anyone else having it!
  3. castiger

    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    Very happy that you like the map! Right now the size of map icons scales with the size of the ingame map, and theres not currently a way to tint it, but these sound like good ideas! Ill add the ability to tint the map as well as icons if one wishes, and to set the base scale of map icons, as...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Knight of the Celestial - Early Dungeon Gameplay - RPG Maker MV First Person Shooter
  5. castiger

    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    I can do that, Ill update it soon as i can and add another parameter to disable the map going transparent while behind it :)
  6. castiger

    KoTC Optimized Dynamic Music System MV / MZ

    V1.001 Fixed a very mean crash on invalid pitch check!
  7. castiger

    KoTC Basic Optimized Roguelike Line of Sight System MV / MZ

    V1.312 Fixed crash on map edge that i hope no one discovered
  8. castiger

    KoTC Optimized Basic Onscreen Waypoint System MV/MZ

    Hey there again Shadow! Yes it would be possible, ill add that next time i update it! V1.5001 Minor bugfix!
  9. castiger

    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    I haven't actually tested with 0 thickness, that may have something to do with it! I don't get much time to test my changes but I think I resolved the choppy movement in 1.73 (: Thank you for your reports on the bugs!
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    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    1.72 is up now, should fix that error :) And that is a fine suggestion, the map book is close to this, but i will look into allowing a clickable interface of waypoints. And about your minimap configuration, are you using the "default game border" setting to use your current system border, or...
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    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    Hey! I think I just forgot to update the version number, but just incase I forgot to update it in general, I've uploaded V1.71 with the correct version :)
  12. castiger

    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    This should solve it! V1.71 Basic Minimap, Fixed Commands Again!: KoTCMinimapOff() KoTCMinimapOn()
  13. castiger

    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    I'm pleased to hear we are making a form of progress. I believe I've located the source of your last issue, I've uploaded the possible fix in 1.7 :) We will hunt down the bug until it is no more! V1.7 Basic and Advanced - Fixed Major Positional issues when moving map to custom positions...
  14. castiger

    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    V1.633 Possibly fixed your issue by allowing the parameters to be set not just upon Title Screen, but the booting of the game in general. Its what I suspect the problem is :) Thank you for your patience in the matter, and your error reports, perhaps this last version will fix it, I hope!
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    KoTC Autoscaling Optimized Minimap MV/MZ

    Try the last version i uploaded, 1.632, that is an odd issue ive been unable to recreate! But my modification could possibly fix it for you, give it a try and let me know! :) I also added in this version another plugin parameter to disable the notification audio and pop up when a map is fully...

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