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  1. Humble video/audio creation bundle

    Music Maker was the first DAW I really used, 20 years ago (it wasn't even called Music Maker back then; it was called Magix Music). It was (and is) really an entry-level tool, but what it lacks in features it makes up for in being super easy-to-use. I've since moved onto "better" (which is to...
  2. Which RPGMaker engine did you start with?

    MZ is the first one I've paid full price for. (Well, I say "full price", but I think there was a pre-order discount and a further discount for already owning MV? Or maybe a pre-order discount if you already owned MV? Something like that.) I think I got MV in a humble bundle and VXA in a sale...

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So I need to come up with quite a few action sequences.
Was stressing about this plugin earlier, but pretty happy with how its looking now! Purple makes it pop more too!! :)
A friend requested me to do a pfp for his twitch channel, so far he approved one of my sketches, so going to digital now. The style he's looking for is quite different from my usual, hopefully I can get it right... :kaoback:
I am so hyped! A new post update and im anxious to see reactions..eeeeeeee

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