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    Connected/Seamless Parallax Maps

    I tried something like that myself before posting, but I couldn't get it to be seamless. I fiddled around with it today, though, and it seems like that's because of the movement script I'm using. So far, I can't think of a workaround for it, but if anyone else has any ideas please tell me lol.
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    Connected/Seamless Parallax Maps

    Nope, I am asking for VX Ace! I have primarily uses set to MV because that's what I usually use. But I recently got VX Ace and am now trying to make something in that. I'm not sure if the norm around here is to have that set to what you usually use or what you're currently using, but yeah, I am...
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    Connected/Seamless Parallax Maps

    So, I've got this pretty big parallax forest. However, it's too big to fit into a single map without expecting lag, so I've broken it into chunks. However, I would like to make it look like it's just one single map. I found this plugin that basically does what I want, except it doesn't work for...
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    Looking for large rocks/boulders

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Ace RTP, preferably Description: I'm looking for two large rocks. Both would be a shade of gray that is similar, if not identical to, the color of the Ace RTP rocks. Rock #1: A rock with a large crack on the right side. Mostly circular, but...

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