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  • Could som1 please help me out with Emoticons? I searched the forums and couldn't find a tutorial on them >"< I'm such a dolt, lol.
    I want to wish EVERYONE a merry XMAS, whether you celebrate it or not I want to give you holiday cheer and wish you the best!!! Btw, when I am not posting on forums I am online either studying math or RPG Maker VX Ace, and at worse case outside on my motorcycle :p
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A collab cover of White Wishes with @PixeLockeT!!~

Multiple takes of my recordings ended in this way, I wish I could've done it better, but I still love this!
Just saw an article stating a Back to the FutureXTransformer comic crossover--and Doc Browns car is an Autobot. I am ALL FOR THIS!!
Well I sure didn't know fans could overheat and die. Room fans.
Felt like I dodged a bomb, my project was fine right after I force resetted due to a crash as I have yet to start working on it today..... :kaoback:
I have no idea what to do with my evening. I was working on the next Slip into Ruby but I kinda want to do something else for a bit. But I have no idea what. Yay indecision!

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