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Satisfy my curiosity for a sec please, folks: how many people actively followed/follow my Slip into Ruby or Jump into Javascript series and have found them useful for learning what makes RM tick?
Tried cooking some Pasta in the Microwave Oven. The Mixed herbs seasoning I sprinkled on top tasted kinda funny, Not sure why.
The youtube algorithm introduces me to the weirdest stuff these days. Last week I got bardcore music (which is awesome by the way), this week it is gun metal covers. Stupid as it is, I can't stop listening either. Who thinks to do this, and why is it so euphoric to watch?
Cracked black pepper turkey, smoked ham, three slices of pepperjack cheese. Sliced banana peppers, pepper relish, garlic aioli. Between two thick slices of sourdough.
I couldn't resist, I'm not much of a mapper so I'm really proud of the town i've been working on these past 2 weeks, my overzealous MC outside his home just moments before his Aunt has some CHOICE words for him still a WIP:

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