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    Caz's Pixel Fantasy Resources

    Thank you all! Can't wait to start updating the thread more regularly with lots of the new stuff I have planned too. :ehappy: Damph I am reporting you for bullying.
  2. Caz

    Caz's Pixel Fantasy Resources

    Hello, everyone! Lately, I've been releasing some icons and other graphical assets which are totally free to download. Previously I was making a new thread each time, but as I release more and more, I didn't want to start spamming the place up. :eswt: So here are all of my Pixel Fantasy icons...
  3. Caz

    Pixel Fantasy Playing Cards

    PIXEL FANTASY PLAYING CARDS DOWNLOAD HERE A full set of playing cards in a pixel art style! This pack contains: 52 playing cards sized at 96x144 Includes 4 card backs Includes a blank card They can be used for whatever you see fit - gamedev or otherwise! Please read the Terms of Use when you...
  4. Caz

    Original Character Contest 3 MZ Submissions!

    Character name: Emzie About your character: Emzie was a very young adult when she was cursed by a naive, stuck-up witch who turned her into a slimegirl. At first she resembled her old form and looked like a girl made of slime, but over the years she gradually melted and degraded into a big...
  5. Caz

    SCAReStaff October 2020

    Each contributor provides a Terms of Use document in their folder, but they should all be free for use in non-commercial projects with credit. :thumbsup-left::ehappy:
  6. Caz

    Galv's Cam Control MZ

    Try changing lines 244 and 245 in Galv's Cam Control to + half of your game's resolution. For example, my resolution is 1280x720, so I've changed the numbers on those lines to 640x360 like this: EDIT: Also goes without saying, but make sure Galv's Cam Control is below all of your VS plugins...
  7. Caz

    SCAReStaff October 2020

    "Please love me @Ksi , I promise I'm still a beautiful husbando on the inside. <3"
  8. Caz

    SCAReStaff October 2020

    DOWNLOAD SCARESTAFF OCTOBER 2020 This month has some very spooky offerings from our talented ReStaff crew.. Candacis has us covered with some treats that look like tricks! Beautiful ritual scenery including sacrificial altars, candles and lots of blood. We've also been gifted with some...
  9. Caz

    Obfuscating Code

    For what it's worth, I'm very backseat when it comes to moderating on RMW in general. I barely do anything around the site except for dealing with urgent things like deleting weird spam and NSFW content. My role is leftover from my days with ReStaff, and I guess it just kinda stuck since it made...
  10. Caz

    Obfuscating Code

    I just wanna weigh in here because this is an absolutely absurd excuse that I've heard a lot of times and it's getting very tiring. With respect, most content creators would ask that you contact them before you edit their IP. VisuStella have made it incredibly easy to get in touch with them...
  11. Caz

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    I used Dragonbones 4.9.5 with the MV version, which worked fine. I'm assuming it'll be the same unless there's been a change to the way that the armatures are handled, which I don't think is the case since Aekashics stuff would still be compatible?
  12. Caz

    Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - Letter Buttons

    PIXEL FANTASY RPG ICONS - LETTER BUTTONS DOWNLOAD HERE This is a free pack which matches the style of the other Pixel Fantasy RPG packs. These icons can be used for any engine or any purpose, but they will match the requirements of RPG Maker. The pack contains 430 different icons for your...
  13. Caz

    Thank you. <3 All we've ever wanted is to see the RM scene flourish. Not only is it in our...

    Thank you. <3 All we've ever wanted is to see the RM scene flourish. Not only is it in our interests to see RPG Maker thrive for the sake of our own games, but it's inspirational to see other people work on their games too. I love seeing my content in people's games, maybe even more than I...
  14. Caz

    (This isn't intended as a conversation starter, so please don't comment with opinions/questions...

    (This isn't intended as a conversation starter, so please don't comment with opinions/questions. This is just something that's been bothering me.)
  15. Caz

    And now it feels like everyone has forgotten all that, and "VisuStella" has become this almighty...

    And now it feels like everyone has forgotten all that, and "VisuStella" has become this almighty name that's dividing the opinions of a whole community? Please just treat us like people. That's all we are, and we're trying our best to keep the RM community alive. <3

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