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  • Can I use the UMS script?(Universal Message System)
    ccoa hasn't been on this site since 2013, so it is unlikely that you will get a reply. If you follow the terms as set out on the script's thread, then the answer will be yes. It's posted so that people can use it.
    I'm the creator of The Way series for RM2K and and more recently I lent a hand on Shadows of Adam.
    I'm thinking I might try to commercialize a project I'm doing in RMXP, so I wanted to see about licensing UMS (Universal Message System). E-mail me at <--snip-->
    @LunCalsari I have removed your email address as bots deep trawl for them for phishing/spamming purposes. And also because this sort of request is not what Status Updates are for. I suggest you contact ccoa by pm. But ccoa hasn't been on this site since 2013
    Whoa, Lun still exists!
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Today is the day! I will be productive in game dev work! I will - *gets distracted by cat playing with her toy mouse* Awww <3
Whelp. I tried to be productive.
Decided to work on Fandom Scouts today. I've decided that instead of using the generic "scrolling text" event that MV has (I'm using MV for FS, not MZ) I'll use the movie option. I'm still trying to find a way to get Premiere Pro to output the compatible format though. If anyone can give me some help, it would be greatly appreciated!
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Hello tln143 Welcome to the RPG Maker Forum. We wish you enjoy and make good rpg games
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Hello 00casiemells Welcome to the RPG Maker Forum. We wish you enjoy and make good rpg games
Remember guys: Drink water and workout is important too! Don't stay too much time on the PC working! :D

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