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  1. Overworld Gunplay in SciFi RPG

    No worries about the double post. The code looks a lot cleaner and easier to manage. I like the surprise as well. Thank you for your hard work Bex! 
  2. Overworld Gunplay in SciFi RPG

    So I'm gathering that the variables really have to do with the player's position? I wonder if I can tie a variable to the gun switch being turned on. Fire your gun too many times and an alarm goes off and enemies will start to chase the player or something.
  3. Overworld Gunplay in SciFi RPG

    Figured out the sound issue and it works flawlessly. I will tweek the audio and animation bu this is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you Bex!
  4. Overworld Gunplay in SciFi RPG

    Thank you so much for making this! It looks like it's working fine in MV....the W works but the "Q" brings up an error message of not being able to audio/se/Bowl.ogg. Which I assume is an audio file that I don't have, and wasn't transferred. 
  5. Overworld Gunplay in SciFi RPG

    Sweet, is there any good editor programs that you can recommend? I'm thinking Ace editor might be a good idea.
  6. Overworld Gunplay in SciFi RPG

    Didn't think of it that way, but yes. Thank you for working on it, I will tinker around with variables and such on my end.
  7. Overworld Gunplay in SciFi RPG

    1. I'm thinking 10 max to start.  2.The sword slash (or in the case of having a gun equipped, a gun bash), would only affect one map-tile in front of the player. Holding the button for the wave attack would affect multiple tiles depending on the gun type equipped (Shotgun=2, Pistol =3...
  8. Overworld Gunplay in SciFi RPG

    I figured it would have to be done with a common event. I would assume that I can find a plugin in the master plugin list? I'm currently learning javascript and am up to the challenge. How can I access the Java Script for the MV program? I probably don't want to mess around too much with it, I...
  9. Overworld Gunplay in SciFi RPG

    Hey there folks, I am currently developing a SciFi Rpg in MV and has been having trouble with one of the concepts that I wish to implement to the game. If anyone has ever played Lufia the Legend Returns then they know about the dungeon mechanic of swiping your sword or more importantly using...

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