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  1. Trouble with events

    You're right, Andar. :) I haven't used that trigger in forever.
  2. Trouble with events

    1. Instead of Spherecontroller, it would be better to make Bluegoal triggered by Event Touch, upon which it would erase Bluesphere. 2. Activate the Wait for Completion checkboxes in your Move Route commands
  3. Socket system to support things like gems in FATE and Materia in Final Fantasy VII.

    Socket system to support things like gems in FATE and Materia in Final Fantasy VII.
  4. Mouse System

    Hey, I sure like your script, but I feel like it needs one more feature to be perfect. It would be awesome if you made it possible to type "MOUSE CLICK <4> <common event 1>" in the Map Note box, and then clicking on a bare tile in region 4 would activate common event 1. What do you think?

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And.... I couldn't help myself. I linked my card game Lore and Concepts back to my RPG Maker game and made them take place in the same universe. I think that means I need to get back to work on my RPG Maker Game. There's obviously a story here my brain wants to tell.
Been hard at work trying to make more tactical aspects of the game a reality, if all goes well the Player, depending on the faction they choose, will;
Suffer little to no penalty for escaping battle.
Be able to manually speed up resource gathering.
Steal Special projects from rival Factions.
Slowly but surely the game dev streams accomplish the goal.... actually finishing the game. :LZSexcite:

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