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    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    @Tuomo L Added! Thank you for the request! @BlueVikingr The flag has been added, thank you for the request!
  2. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    @DavidOne I wasn't able to fit the details of the Vatican or Soviet flag into the format of the flag, but I was able to do the other request you sent in. Thank you for the request! @Dreadshadow Both of your requests have been added, thanks for the support!
  3. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    Alright. Sorry to hear, message me if you change your mind! It's up now!
  4. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    My apologies.
  5. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    I don't mean to sound rude, but I don't think I will be releasing the template publicly. If you wish to have a flag made out of something you designed yourself, I can do that too if you send it to me via private message. It's no problem. No problem! ^-^
  6. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    It's up! Thanks for the request!
  7. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    No problem! Wanted to make finding flags easier for everyone. ^-^ If you think of anymore I can do to make things easier for you or anyone else, let me know!
  8. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    It's up now, if you guys want any more just let me know! Had to crank these flags out last minute so there's not a lot. Sorry. ^-^
  9. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    Thank you! ^-^
  10. Celeste-Ominous

    Celeste-Ominous' Pride Flags!

    Terms of Use: Credit: Celeste Ominous Non-Commercial: Free! No credit necessary. Commercial: Also free! But credit me! (And link me to it when it's done! I'd love to see it! :D) Repost: Link back to this post. Edits: Allowed. Though if you want to share, email me. Maker Friendly to: RPG Maker...
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    Mon's Character Generator Expansion

    Hey! I love the previews! Although...seems like I'm the only one who doesn't know how to "Simply merge the Generator folder into your RPGM MV installation directory." Someone help with a guide please? ^-^'
  12. Celeste-Ominous

    Making movies, help

    I know this is from a while ago, but I'm having the same problem with the movie. Even after converting it to ogg file, the game crashes every time. I tried to look for a converter to ogv, but I can't find anything. Someone please help me with this. :(
  13. Celeste-Ominous

    How to make MACK size characters for VX Ace

    2 problems I'm having.  1) The link to the converter doesn't work for me, it leads to this CSS site design website. 2) What do you mean by "After pasting the image, select the character you want to cut like this and paste it in a new layer with the size 128x192"? Even after I paste the image...

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