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    cellicom's Rarity Item Color System

    You renamed the file. At the moment if you rename the file the plugin cannot work. Rename it into cellicom_RarityItemColor.js and try again
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    cellicom's Rarity Item Color System

    [/SPOILER] Are you using other plugin? Try a clean project and test if it works. These are my screenshot:
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    cellicom's Rarity Item Color System

    Post a screenshot of your parameters. i Just tried and it's works. Remember to use numbers.
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    Jay's MiniMap Maker - Version 1.0.2

    Impressive! Nice Work!
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    Small RPG Editor Text

    i had the same issue, the Windows DPI system doesn't work. So i just used third part software to Reduce the Screen resolution to 1600x900 when i using rpgmaker. I used Display Changer ->
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    Awake from 30 hours. Zzzzz

    Awake from 30 hours. Zzzzz
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    More Enemy Drops

    With the new version (Nov 8), now it's working. Thanks for the support :)
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    Can someone explain to me where the buttonset.png is used?

    For example, in the Shop, when you use the mouse and you're buying an item. When you choose the quantity and you are using the mouse. That buttons appairs
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    Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    Bug on QuestSystem. If i put in the description a . ("dot"). i have an error. Cannot read properly 1 of null. Example with error: Example without error: I only Changed B.J. into BJ
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    Animated Enemies

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    More Enemy Drops

    You have to set a [sV Animated]. Try with an Actor as enemy In that case doesn't work :)
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    More Enemy Drops

    I found a bug: It's work with only Static Battlers. If you use AnimateEnemies and Fixed Battlers works too. If you use AnimateEnemies and SV_Enemies doesn't work. How it can be fixed?  
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    cellicom's Rarity Item Color System

    Sorry, i miss a ":" :( Update: - Added escape code to Message \CR[x] where x is rarity Link is the same, file is updated :)
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    cellicom's Rarity Item Color System

    very weird. Try to copy-paste the code from the spoiler (see first post) into the cellicom_RarityItemColor.js in yuor js/plugin folder. P.S.: do not rename the file.
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    [Request] Multi Drop with Drop Rate

    It's exactly what i means using a different notetag :D Well done!

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