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    RMMV LIVENEL - Discordance

    I am assuming you have corrected the game description already? Sorry I can't help you with such thing, I'm not a native speaker too. Best to ask your friend or someone out there.
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    RMMV LIVENEL - Discordance

    There are no problems with that.
  3. Century2Knight

    RMMV The Three Visions

    Normal Mode. sorry I was wrong, it's not the space magic. the game doesn't crash the last time it is used. It's the earth magic, maybe the alter-element vers?i don't know but from what i can tell it seems to be related to the crash.
  4. Century2Knight

    RMMV The Three Visions

    Hey, so I just reached level 30 on my second playthrough, things I like=the game has a variety of interactive objects, a plethora of secrets to indulge in and some maps have interesting design. things I dislike=the battle gets very tough when you get to high levels, it needs a proper stats...
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    RMMV A Monster's Heart

    Love the details of your parallax mapping. The plot and mechanic seems interesting. I'll download this one and leave a review on your thread. I hope the game gets the drama right.
  6. Century2Knight

    RMMV The Three Visions

    Congratulations on your finished project. This game seems fun. I’ll swing by your thread again later to download the game and leave a review on your thread. Not technically, maybe just a random thought.
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    RMVXA Avelions 2 - All Stars

    Another prequel for shei iv? there's no update for crimson war?
  8. Century2Knight

    RMMV Moiety: Rise of an Archon

    !*There's a lot of cuteness*! O_O I like the lore and the details on this game project. I hope that everything goes well.
  9. Century2Knight

    VNMaker Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion Remake

    !Looks great@! VN or not, it's based of one of my fav anime.
  10. Century2Knight

    The Four Disasters

    Guess that should work either. I'm not ordering you to do whatever I said tho. haha another random thought : Don't rush your project, the result may be ruined. It's not about how many games you can finish. To be fair, there's a lot promising games like that, good graphic+nice demo/trailer...
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    Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

    The best sceenies I've seen so far. Well done. you should make the english version of this game faster, mate. It would be a BEAST. Going to check this thread often.
  12. Century2Knight

    RMVX Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

    You've been trying to get attention, do you? no offense, but you should make the English version, mate. I noticed this huge of a game series of yours, but it's unplayable for some reason.
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    RMVXA Avelions 3 - Crimson Wars

    the last one. the code pls? you should provide a hint. I can't find anything.
  14. Century2Knight

    The Four Disasters

    Yes, the tower or whatever the name. also the black crystal and the fire spirit. You should learn how to balance the enemy. Ok, that's interesting then, how many projects you're working on atm?
  15. Century2Knight

    Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius

    @Silenity, I see. thanks for fast reply. going to check their kickstarter.

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