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    If I make money from my game, I want to buy you coffee and I have written your name in CAPITAL LETTERS on the credit screen and your...
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    @mephet thank you for your opinion, recently I changed the world map like D&D style but i really don't like it and delete it maybe i'll...
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    Hi all. Any advice on mapping would be appreciated! Particularly dealing with mapping burnout -- deciding on tiles is just exhausting...
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    @CepCeph, I really like this style of world map! I'm hoping to make something similar for my game once I find the right tutorials. If I...

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Daz3D has the weirdest number scheme for model generations...
Genesis 4 is the 4th generation and oldest currently available, Genesis 1 is the 5th generation, Genesis 2 is the 6th, 3 is the 7th.... And then it goes Genesis 8. So 4, 1, 2, 3, 8. So when looking through there store you have to remember that sometimes they'll say 6 but they mean 3, and vice versa. :kaoswt:
Would opening a topic with the tutorial be interesting?

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