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  • Feeling discouraged, trying to get a script written but writing is one of the hardest parts for me. Just keep swimming as the saying goes.
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    Or story script?
    "script" as in "plot detail", or "script" as in "program structure"?
    one requires embellishment.... the other, simplicity.
    If you mean story writing, I have been there. And I have found that unless you are on a deadline, it is best to take a break and come back. However, another thing you can try. Pretend like you are telling your story to someone and write everything down. Then, pretend someone said "AWESOME! Can you tell it to me again!" and then write it with more embellishment and more detail. Repeat until satisfied.
    I added an new video to my plugin writing tutorial series for MZ. This is a short one that goes over aliasing functions, the how and why. Feel free to check it out at the link in my Signature. I have also been having a good time working on some custom monsters for my game I am working on. I hope everyone is having a good day. :)
    I had a status update get deleted. I really appreciate that the mod took the time to let me know what was wrong with it. I am wondering if there is a post guidelines thread for these status updates? I don't want to accidentally break rules or cause trouble. Thanks!
    Thank you :)
    it wasn't really that it broke any rules, but that you'd posted it as a thread and it still hasn't been approved yet, so shouldn't be posted on the status feed either.
    Got it. That makes sense. I am still kind of figuring out how to use the forum. I probably would not have made a thread if I'd realized sooner I could just post a link here. I will know for next time. Thanks again for letting me know.
    It has been nearly three weeks of mania but I think I might get some sleep tonight. It has been fun coding all night though. Reminds me of college.
    Also procrastination is amazing. I spent four days making a plugin instead of working on the plot writing of my game project. Oh well, at least I learned a lot.
    In addition to mapping I did some bug fixing and ironed out the scene where the next two player characters join the party and came up with a pretty neat teleportation effect to start the game with.



    I started with the ship sample in the 8-bit asset pack and am modifying. I have an event that gets rid of the pirate flags and pirates once the player takes over the ship. I am sure I will continue to make changes but I am happy with the initial work.
    I made a little progress today and have an extra day off tomorrow to make some more progress. Working on a pirate ship interior just now.
    Happy New Year 2023 from Washington State, USA. May we all have a fruitful, healthy, and compassionate trip around the sun this year!
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Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #14 Plug-Go! Plug-Go was originally meant to be the design of a gameboy game I wanted to make that was inspired by Megaman Battle Network! While that hasn’t worked out I’m happy I was able to recycle his design!


Took some time to pretty up the maps too.
Size Comparison.gif
12 hour little challenge for myself to do a big'ish enemy. Released for MV/MZ, working on my streamline one for later as I love the four frames over three. Spins a whole lot better I think.
Okay last one for now, it's time to go treat myself to some Zelda!

UPDATED- I've completely ripped off Sword of Mana right here lol
It seems like the imgur images are working again! ;3

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