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  • Bit late to say this, but I'll be on hiatus as far as developing RM plugins is concerned. Still feel free to contact me about any issues regarding the stuff I've already released, it's just that I won't do more work on them for... who knows how long :(
    I got not 5, but 6 characters to cameo in my nametag-based font-changer demo! ^^ Now to finish the rest of the coding... It'll be a pretty big overhaul
    I've been trying to get certain devs' and artists' permission to use their characters in a certain plugin demo I've been working on. I got permission for 3 characters thus far... I'm hoping I can get at least 5 by the end of next week.
    I've been working on plugins to make it easier to incorporate Persona 3's Once More batsys into MV games. One makes it so you can have states automatically applied to the target and/or user when their hit crits or targets a weakness... I could use testers for it, though. Maybe I'll make a thread in the JS Plugins In Development board about it?
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On the "things im remaking" department even i kept getting confused by my status grenades similarity so i decided to redo both of them, now the icons and being thrown animations are very distinctive from each other :kaopride:
I genuinely like the default MZ actor sprites, and the character creator. I think I will draw new headshots for them, but part of me doesn't want to replace the default sprites. But should I? I want to eventually release my game.
Someday, I hope they make a game where 95% of the animation budget went to turning valves and opening door animations, leaving every other animation looking like a CDI zelda cutscene.
programming at 12 years old: "I love how it works!"
programming at 18: "I love that it works."
programming at 25: "I love why it works."
programming at 30: "I love when it works."
programming at 50: "How did this work?"

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