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  • Bit late to say this, but I'll be on hiatus as far as developing RM plugins is concerned. Still feel free to contact me about any issues regarding the stuff I've already released, it's just that I won't do more work on them for... who knows how long :(
    I got not 5, but 6 characters to cameo in my nametag-based font-changer demo! ^^ Now to finish the rest of the coding... It'll be a pretty big overhaul
    I've been trying to get certain devs' and artists' permission to use their characters in a certain plugin demo I've been working on. I got permission for 3 characters thus far... I'm hoping I can get at least 5 by the end of next week.
    I've been working on plugins to make it easier to incorporate Persona 3's Once More batsys into MV games. One makes it so you can have states automatically applied to the target and/or user when their hit crits or targets a weakness... I could use testers for it, though. Maybe I'll make a thread in the JS Plugins In Development board about it?
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made a face sprite for the little guy using default cat for comparison, I'm rather pleased with how it turned out!

Playing arounnd with NUUN's Battle Result as a VS Victory Aftermath alternative. Loving it so far despite the learning curve (there are a LOT of parameters)


Just have to figure out how to addin sub class progress.
Partitito's story is supposed to be about defeating poverty while thinking he is a capitalist with socialist ideas. But it's really about stories of redemption and perseverance.
Who would have thought an idea like "I wanna put the character bio in the equip screen" would turn into a bunch of work and fun collaboration @Puppet Knight . Now my Equip/Character screen is the way I want it.
Screenshot 2023-12-03 194313.png
Just one more week of grinding through semester finals and I'll be able to actually work on some games and stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to work on my game document to actually have my ideas somewhere outside of my cranium of madness.

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