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    CGT Auto Heal (a la Persona 5)

    Auto Heal Plugin By CG-Tespy Introduction This is a QOL plugin that allows you to, through Plugin Commands, have the player's party automatically healed using Items and/or Skills. I'll have updates come first on the page. Features Save your players time otherwise spent going through...
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    RMMV CGT Auto Heal (like in Persona 5)

    I've just about finished the plugin. Some pretty huge changes have been made; I've removed all Plugin Params, and added several Plugin Commands for people to use it with. This made things not just easier to code, but much for flexible for the end user :) Yes, this means I've cut out the feature...
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    RMMV CGT Auto Heal (like in Persona 5)

    I've released version 0.05.03 now. Some huge changes have been made to how it works: it relies on two custom notetags to function. They are: CGT_AutoHeal_Usable This sets the item/skill to be usable by the system. CGT_AutoHeal_Priority <num> This assigns a priority value to the item/skill...
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    RMMV Why do plugin developers make 'Core Scripts'?

    I go for both; I not only set up an API my other plugins can use, but I add things that I feel the base engine API should've included. Like several strangely-missing Array functions, a browser-friendly way to handle file I/O, or a more convenient way to register plugin commands.
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    RMMV CGT Auto Heal (like in Persona 5)

    You know how in Persona 5, you can have items automatically used to bring your party members' HP to full, saving you time otherwise spent going through menus? That's what this plugin's for, but on a bigger scale; there's a lot you can customize about the auto healing process. Do you want to...
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    Your experiences/thoughts on writing automated tests for plugins?

    If the devs didn't introduce tools to make that reasonably easy, then that's one big mistake on their part... It seems we're going to have to use the same methods we did for MV to do unit-testing, then :/
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    CGT Nametag-Based Font Changer

    Version 1.01.03 has been released! It and versions going forward will be backwards-compatible with MV 1.5.1. There are more details in the Releases page over on Github.
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    CGT Nametag Background

    CGT Nametag Background MV By CG-Tespy Introduction This plugin allows you to have Yanfly Message nametags be drawn with specific pictures of your choice, rather than a window.png. I created this due to a request by Cursed Atelier (the devs of VoidBound), and I figure now's a good time to release...
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    Plugin Maker thread : what's your plan for RM MZ?

    I'd port my MV plugins to MZ, perhaps with some improvements. If the framework really has been revamped (just refactoring the current framework to ES6 and the latest PIXI would still leave a LOT to be desired), then it'd be easier for me to make other plugins I already have planned for MV. Like...
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    CGT Nametag-Based Font Changer

    @mlogan Added credits and terms of use. I'd add screenshots too, but the best I can do wouldn't prove well enough that my plugin does what it should ^^; People will just have to use it and see it work for themselves, perhaps with the help of the User Guide attached to the appropriate Github...
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    CGT Nametag-Based Font Changer

    Nametag-Based Font Changer By CG-Tespy Introduction This plugin allows you to have message boxes' fonts change based on the nametags being displayed. You know how the dialogue of Sans and Papyrus from Undertale, is rendered in the fonts that are their namesakes? You can pull off the same effect...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Ah, alright. Thanks for the answer :) Good thing MV supports the HTML Web Storage API, which is what you use to save to the browser. I'll leave a link here, in case someone else has the same problem I did.
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    To my understanding, XMLHttpRequests are requests for servers to do things. Since I managed to use them to read files on disk, I assume that MV has the game's directory treated as server storage. Or is there something else that explains the following code working? let req = new...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    How do I write to a file in a browser-friendly way? I know how to use XMLHTTPRequest to read a file, but all the solutions I found for writing require either... - Using a server-side language like PHP - Having some input element in the html file Is there some way I can just use JS for this...
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    Your experiences/thoughts on writing automated tests for plugins?

    You're largely on the mark there. The MV plugins I've done unit testing for are an API holder (much like Kino's Amaryllis) and one that displays a diary on screen, two pages at a time. Each page can be set to have its own text, font size, font color, background image, etc... It's a very large...

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