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  • That day when your mom admits she had a gambling problem. The same gambling problem you pointed out 8 years ago; then she got mad, yelled, and screamed for an hour. Hard to tell a 56 year old woman how she can or can't spend her money. >_<
    That day when you help evict a man from your parent's property, who claimed a rented unit as his legal residence, even though he wasn’t on the original lease, and then began ordering $200 worth of pornography and running the water for hours and hours on a shared bill when he didn't like what you had to say. >_<
    Kaiju Master
    Kaiju Master
    wow, some people are something else.
    Chad Sexington
    Chad Sexington
    Come over for an afternoon, leave for a week, stay for a day, leave before night, wait 2 weeks, stay for the weekend, let a 2 more weeks pass... suddenly he's over for 1 week straight. "Officer, I live here. See? I have mail with my name to this address. I've been living here for months." >_>
    Ugh! Don't let the door hit you on the way out, huh? Hope you don't hear from him again.
    That day when ("expired" and "uninstalled") McAfee randomly decides to prevent Google Chrome from connecting to the internet. >_>
    McAfee has detected a virus: McAfee.exe.




    You must be mistaken. You must have meant Norton.
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Who would think putting a power button on a side of a laptop is a good thing? You want to move the laptop and you suddenly press the button.
The second draft of my script is almost done, and I don't think I'm going to write a third draft. I'll make changes to dialogue here and there, but I'm happy with the series of events the way they are.
How you feel about font and dialogue box changing for every main character while the minor cast and regular npc get their own styles? Too much?
Just found an obviously custom effect (i.e. edited by me) in my resources>sounds folder called "rip jaw off". Dear Lord what is wrong with me as a person that at some point I needed a sound *specifically* for THAT??
(...rhetorical question.)

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