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Make a Game in RPG Maker MZ: Episode 4 is now LIVE! Join us as we create our random encounter system. Random doesn't mean the player can't have some control! Want to figure out how, then tune in!
I must now resume my “things that make me money” activities, and relegate game-mak to a day or two a week. Maybe a lil in the afternoon, but I usually work on “career” level stuff then too.
Sotheby's had send me a mail this moment, stating an auction base for a book of mine at 150.000 euro. I found that book in a trashbin. It look like those chests that simply hide the final sword in an RPG.
I need to find some mapping tutorials cause I'm soooo terrible at it. like just awful lol. I've been having a huge asset issue with anything that isn't battle related unfortunately thanks to custom non-rtp characters.

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