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    Accurate Playtime

    @Ace of Spades ResetPlaytime command has been added
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    Accurate Playtime

    Updated to address bug fix regarding time not storing properly after multiple saves
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    Bad Reputation of RPG Maker

    @Robin Hoot I am merely just showing my thought process. I don't actually expect to change people at the end of the day. I will challenge ideas and thoughts that stand out to me to try and understand them better and this was something that didn't click with me so I wanted to dig deeper, but I...
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    Bad Reputation of RPG Maker

    @Rixis (릭시스) @Robin Hoot so by this logic if the exact same looking game was made in another engine such as Unity or even developed from scratch, would you buy it? This includes aspects that look like RM (there are Unity Asset Store kits that look like RM btw). Yes a lot of free games come out...
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    What's your monitor resolution?

    Three monitors all at 1920x1080 each.
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    STUDY: Languages in the RPG Maker Community

    Really only English. I did self study Japanese for awhile and I still have a lot of reading and audio material, but I stopped in favor of bettering my development skills as that would carry me much further and Japanese was more of an interest. I can still read kana, but it would be very...
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    STUDY: Occupation study of members in the RPG Maker Community

    In school I studied Game Development and Programming and got a bachelors. For awhile, I worked at a gaming company that made casino styled games that essentially played like slot machines. Nowadays though I work in a research field where I develop virtual environments for devices like Oculus...
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    Bad Reputation of RPG Maker

    People just need to use the best tool for making their game and never honestly become too attached to a single tool. Want to make a classic top down 2D RPG? RPG Maker is ready for ya. How about a 2D platformer? Unity or Game Maker seem solid. Perhaps a first person shooter is up your alley...
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    Is it possible to protect your game from hackers?

    One thing to keep in mind is Enigma Virtual Box (or Protector) will limit your game to be playable only on Windows. If you have any intention on releasing your game to other platforms like Mac, Linux, or mobile platforms then you will need to come up with a different solution. I do not know of...
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    Percentage of coders in the RPG Maker community

    Honestly, even if it were probable to actually have every possible plugin compatible with one another, in my opinion they honestly shouldn't be. Even outside RM and in just about any coding project, if I grab two different APIs and throw them into my project, they may work nice with each other...
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    Uploading Projects to GIT

    Why not use bit bucket? It offers free private repositories and what I currently use.
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    What course should I take if I want to become a Game Developer?

    In my personal experiences, a lot of game development courses are either theoretical based or project based. What do I mean by this? Theoretical courses don't have you actually doing any actual development but instead just look at games from an analysis view. This can range from things like game...
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    Is it possible to protect your game from hackers?

    I would honestly worry more about legal protection on any assets you put in your game over physical protection. Given that theft and/or piracy is just an unwinnable cat and mouse game, I wouldn't do any more than necessary in terms of physical protection. You should definitely do more than RM's...
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    Percentage of coders in the RPG Maker community

    @Zevia I agree with your point, but I'm also not surprised that MV is written the way it is. The very likely scenario was, "we need to move with the times and make RM an easy to use cross-platform engine." "Oh the Node framework with JS using PIXI seems like a good solution." "Well this is a...
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    Percentage of coders in the RPG Maker community

    As someone who writes code for a living, I found their styles of JS much more intuitive to picking up how the MV framework functions and how JS works. I'm way more familiar with languages like C++ and C# (at least a decade now), so the JS specific quirks felt pretty foreign to me and I had to do...

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