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Working on a "dual tech" for two characters... it ends like the Raging Demon move from the Street Fighter games. The kanji sign here being "Lose". gotta tweak some things, but it looks pretty cool in game so far. love putting so many fighting game references in here since that and rpgs are my two favorite genres.
I've been thinking about making a tutorial on "how to draw digital art". I wonder how many are interested. It won't be anything fancy like color theory or anatomy. Just a technical on how to get things done such as how to use layer and other tools. To make it accessible, it is aimed at mouse users rather than pen tablet/display owners.
A new enemy approaches...

Ok, I finished updating my Bestiary Book. The only reason I can think of enemies having a second weakest to a spell is that the player might not have access to the more powerful version. Not that the spell is more powerful in itself but against certain enemies.
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Some new enemies for you all! We're picking up steam!

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