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    FSM Autumn set?? Oh yes... ever closer to the fabled Winter Pack~

    FSM Autumn set?? Oh yes... ever closer to the fabled Winter Pack~
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    What are your thoughts on mini-limit breaks? I.e. Preserved TP for them?

    The Ar Tonelico games use this function. In battles, your front two/ three party members (Vanguards) will protect one/ two mages (Revyateils) that charge up powerful magic to then nuke the enemy. While the Vanguards can do damage and potential end the battle before the end of a charge, nuking...
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    Let's talk about critical damage

    Similarly to Kes I reduce the x3 to x2 since that multiplier is pretty ridiculous (especially since I prefer smaller values). But I sometimes tie crit chance to the LUK stat. In a previous project of mine a character who had the 3rd lowest ATK stat of my cast of 10 was not only a debuff...
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    Issues using Cooldowns to balance skill power

    One way I think you utilise cooldowns is possibly having a recoil of sorts after using stronger skills. For example, using Meteor puts all skills on a global cooldown, lets say -2. The idea is that after using a powerful spell, you'd be a bit winded from the cast. Think of it like firing off a...
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    Stun vs. Paralyze status effects

    I use paralysis differently from the norm. It's a variant of Silence and combination of two types from different games Pokemon and Tales of Berseria. It has 3 effects: - Reduces AGI and EVA by 50%. - You have a 25% chance to not act that turn. - You can't use physical based attacks. This...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    A shot of a lobby in my game~
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    Deployment Issue

    Alright, thanks @mlogan I will do next time!~
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    Deployment Issue

    Hi there, I'm having an issue with deployment for my game. I'm exporting for Windows, however I think I'm missing some files as the "Game" app file isn't present. Here's an image of my folder with the files after deployment.
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    Gave myself 24 hours to make a game. JUST ABOUT made it! Wanted to add some polish, but eh...

    Gave myself 24 hours to make a game. JUST ABOUT made it! Wanted to add some polish, but eh...
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    Elemental Chase

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the last part of a 'chase' skill in my game. The idea is that Actor A casts a spell on an enemy (lets say Fire) and Actor B, if they have the correct state (Chase Fire) follows up with an elemental attack on the same target. I have all of that set up, but my issue...
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    Balancing MP

    A suggestion comes from a game I played called Brave Story: New Traveller. In this game MP is sort of a hybrid between MP and TP that they call Brave Points (BP). Everyone has their own max BP that goes up with level, but getting hit, using attack and even using physical skills increase BP by...
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    How many skills would you have if you used a JP skill learing system?

    Using JP opens up a lot of customisation opportunites that can be fun. Playing with passive skills can lead to interesting builds, though with a JP system in play running it with a limited skills you can take into battle adds another layer. Sure you can grind and learn 50+ skills, but how many...
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    Fleeing from battles(And their consequences)

    I enable escaping in all battles except story based fights, even mini-bosses. For two main reasons, to escape from easily winnable fights with negliable rewards or to escape from enemies that will steamroll you because you went somewhere too early. Putting RNG on that makes things incredibly...
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    JSON Reader Error

    I checked my folder and there's no previous versions available... I made this project a few days ago and binged hours on it, is there anyway to repair the files? This has never happened before during a crash (and my laptop has crashed multiple times during a playtest).
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    JSON Reader Error

    My laptop crashed while playtesting and after turning back on my PC, RMMV can't read any of the JSON files... I don't know why this is happening and I really don't want to lose the project I've been working on...

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