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    RMMV MOG_LMBS plugin

    You are right. My bad. Thanks much .
  2. Charles2020

    RMMV MOG_LMBS plugin

    Does anyone has MOG_LMBS plugin file handy ? I downloaded master file from Mog's new website but did not contain MOG_LMBS plugin. Would be great if you could post here or direct message me. Thanks much
  3. Charles2020

    RMMV Street fighter battle

    Do you have MOG_LMBS file handy ? I downloaded master file from Mog's new website but did not have MOG_LMBS plugin. Please either post here of direct message me. Thanks much
  4. Charles2020

    RMMV Street fighter battle

    Hi Guys Is there a script to make game like street fighter system ? Thanks
  5. Charles2020

    RMMV increase balloon icons?

    SO basically I wanted to have a balloon icon on NPCs using pallarell process. so they can display on NPCs all the time.
  6. Charles2020

    RMMV increase balloon icons?

    Actually, after I called this script $gameMap._interpreter._params = [24, 1, true]; $gameMap._interpreter.command213(); The system runs balloon animation once and cannot exit. I tried self switch but did not work. Is there a way to exit from this code/event? Ideally, I prefer balloon to run...
  7. Charles2020

    RMMV increase balloon icons?

    Loop does not seem to work. Would be great if you could help me once you get a chance
  8. Charles2020

    RMMV increase balloon icons?

    How about make a balloon wait until completion with a script call? I saw this script for VX ACE. Fiber.yield while $[$game_variables[571]].balloon_id > 0 How can we call wait til completion in MV?
  9. Charles2020

    RMMV increase balloon icons?

    Thank you. Few things. Can we use script calls to control the time of display ? (e.g., I want to display 360 sec) How can I call balloon with event ID ? (not player)
  10. Charles2020

    RMMV increase balloon icons?

    Hi Guys Is there a way to increase balloon icons in MV? I saw self.balloon_id = 11 in VX ace. I wonder if someone figured out how to do in MV Thanks guys
  11. Charles2020

    RMMV Legand of Dragoon battle

    Hi guys Does anyone know a plugin that can do legend of dragoon or FF 8 squall limit rhythm battle like this? Thanks
  12. Charles2020

    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Hi Guys I am confused. For the latest version (v1.2). What is the plugin command for activating the tactic system? I look at the plugin but I don't see it. In the old version, I used plugin command TS.battleProcessing ON Thanks guys
  13. Charles2020

    RMMV Change region restriction in game

    Hi guys I am using region restrictions. Is there a way that player can change region restrictions in game ? Probably scriptcall or plugin command. Can someone shed some light on this ? To me, it should not be hard. Maybe someone know
  14. Charles2020

    RMMV Balloon icons

    Hi guys Basic question. Can we have more than 15 balloon icons ? Can we just lengthen the sprite sheet? Thanks

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