Hey there! My name is Charlotte!

I do lotsa arts! And all arts for Ressurflection! That's our lovely dovely project you can scoot about and look at the dev blog of here;

I absolutely adore stories and games of all kinds! I’d have an awfully long list to detail em’ all. I believe a great deal in the power of storytelling and never stop making or creating so i always find myself dipping into learning lots of new areas from SFX editing to code or whatever!
I strongly invest in the richness of a character's development and hope to get others as invested as i am in their creation!
December 23
United Kingdom
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hmm in exploring MZ with FOSSIL... I see I'll probably need to stick with MV for now as none of the menu altering plugins I use work on MZ lol. and I don't have the money to dump into what I would need in some cases to update plugins to their MZ versions. Everytime I think of converting, 5 or more reasons popup on why I shouldn't.
Hmm... Game has 91 views, 25 downloads, 5 reviews and netted me 7 additional followers. Meanwhile the image I posted just yesterday on Imgur to showcase it has 45,197 views. Interesting, I think I have a new advertising idea. Also Twitter? The post got 16 retweets, 20 likes, and 1,683 views.... And a whole 3 hits to my game, completely valueless. I am glad I did this game jam, this information is quite valuable.
We're playing another Touch the Stars game jam entry, come join us! :D
Ok is telling someone that their drawing isnt good rude
I'm familiar with MZ thanks to jam now. I say it's a better working and looking MV. Lots of plugins too and FOSSIL helps alot. It's not bad.

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