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    RMMV Rudolph Saves Christmas

    Synopsis: Santa is sick this christmas, and on top of that it's far too foggy for anyone to see but a few inches past their nose! When it seems all hope is lost for christmas this year, one brave reindeer steps up to save the day, Rudolph, with his bright nose to guide him through the dense...
  2. chaucer

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 6.0.0

    I apologize for the errors guys, my times extremely limited lately :( I apologize, but I'll try to have this fixed asap. Thanks for the headsup. ^^;
  3. chaucer

    Getting an events name?

    the problem is that you're just saying "this._name = name;" in the initMembers method, and name, is not actually defined. In reality you don't need to access the initMembers method to make the name method. This should work. = function() { return this.event() ...
  4. chaucer

    Chau Custom Resolutions Version 2.5.0

    I am a bit short on time at the moment T__T But I will do my best to work this into my schedule, this entire plugin is a bit old and definitely could use some more attention :x
  5. chaucer

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 6.0.0

    @kako05 I've updated the plugin to version 6.0.0, basically, I've taken a few things into consideration to improve the performance when transitioning between scenes( especially menu's ), so hopefully this should fix whatever issue was there before, I didn't have time to test compatability with...
  6. chaucer

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 6.0.0

    Yeah, if you could send me a demo, cause I'm not having any issues with this in 1.6.1 myself. if the problem is visible in the demo you send me, then that'd be enough to help me rectify any incompatabilies. :)
  7. chaucer

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 6.0.0

    @AdamSakuru is Auto Cache Clear disabled in the plugin settings? by default it should be disabled, the only time the cache should clear on scene change( from my plugin ), is when this value is set to true, however, it wouldn't cause the next scenes resources to unload, and they said 1.6.2 was...
  8. chaucer

    Simple Character Popups - Version 2.2.1

    @Eliaquim That is correct, using self makes this apear above the event that it's placed on. :) I believe this should be in the help file o_O? Perhaps I forgot to include it my bad if so ^^; As for your question, I don't believe there is a way to make this appear on a higher layer, I'll try to...
  9. chaucer

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 6.0.0

    @Oscar92player thanks for the info brother, although I was wrong in assuming it'd help me debug this as it's only one line ^^; but it does give me some insight into the problem based on the error itself, so that's a +. @kako05 It may be I'll have to look into this when I get some time, I'll...
  10. chaucer

    Thin black line over character sprite

    This is an issue with pixi js in the way the scale feature works, you can bypass the problem by adding a padding of 1 pixel around each cell of the sprite sheet, otherwise there's no way to bypass this without modifying pixi js afaik( although I have not looked into this issue too deeply )...
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    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 6.0.0

    @Oscar92player I'll look into this issue, however If oyu could get me a screenshot of the error that appears on your friends console, that would make things a lot easier for me ^^, if not I'll have to do some experimenting with it. @kako05 I'm not sure I understand what you mean? Are you saying...
  12. chaucer

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 6.0.0

    @Eliaquim I apologize brother, I'm away at the moment, and won't be back for a while, but when I get back, I'll be sure to check this out.
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    RMMV Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game (DEMO!)

    This looks great man! looking forward to a demo!
  14. chaucer

    Simple Character Popups - Version 2.2.1

    @Peva, currently I don't believe this was implemented, I'm away at the moment though, it will be a couple weeks before I'm able to work on anything else again :( I'll add this to the list though! :)
  15. chaucer

    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 6.0.0

    @TenTranVN This plugin does not boost performance, it just handles uploading assets to the GPU, which, I guess can help performance on startup times, since the images will be uploaded before the scene starts, instead of after. Also this plugin will work without calling any preload flags. By...

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